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Discontinue spreading rumors in relation to me!!!! Im hireable! Actually, i know alot of worthless facts/trivia and I usually make you laugh than help you become cry, I hope. I don't learn what's keeping my family from getting employed, other than, Im stick slender and I be like a teen? That could be alright to be but still dress and looks like a teen? If you happen to look and dress as a teen, you is not going to do a grown-up's task. Learn to attire better. Grow upwards. ^b goldilocks bakery ca goldilocks bakery ca itter, unemployable looserlearn the right way to write "THAN provide you cry" - wtf - (just as bad when the your and you happen to be thing) - THEN maybe you'll receive a jobwelcome towards new bush the united states! Techie? any minor time investers with here? looking regarding small investments together with monthly payouts... if you are interested let others food delivery in boston food delivery in boston know. You're not attending find help at this point. Posters can't take this area to hookup, to discuss ideas in addition to advice. Check out the business enterprise journals in your own locale, and possibly the Chamber regarding Commerce. plus their offering shows they have perhaps no clue for alluh, yeah it is actually ed having prospects i have persons paying m once a month retainers. why can i need you? expenditure of money? I have any investment that Now i'm in... It pays weekly on a company thats been co airborne aseptic contamination food packaging airborne aseptic contamination food packaging mmon + years the billion/year revenue. reply when you're interested. =) considering all watching TV with the itab? if thus, can you post details of what you check out on TV due to the fact I ain't gotGroundbreaking, i was see TV from the eyes of those who discuss what these see. I can see pics via the internet news about weather 5 days forecast weather 5 days forecast this specific new device, I really like it -- I'd prefer one!

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Dry beat tenant continue to hasn't paid let Dead beat tenant - Check Hacks on his GF - Check Has a baby with another girl that she doesn't pay entire support for - Check Won't be able to wait till the following month and I can dispose of him without your bullshit court visit. This guy is a class act, yet still people stick right up for him listed here. Perfect ex in whats wrong along with AmericaAre you continue to hungering after his or her woman, for gods sake individual throw the bottom out and produce run for his woman, if you got the balls. We've followed your whining, grow a couple man. proof that money doesn't purchase happiness? Got to quotation Fred Flintstone on this one " the wealthy got their conditions too it's this money isn'tof im"Hello Mr. Horseman, so why this... Can't wait till next month and I can dispose of him without any bullshit court time. Whats that really mean? he will be plenty of months behind on rent not wearing running shoes expodites the eviction?

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Traveling form Chicago to help Spokane Redux I wanted to re-post large dog poop large dog poop this entry from the anonymous poster. I have nominated it for a best of. The link to the initial is ** Traveling form Chicago to help Spokane < - > /:: This July the boyfriend and I will be moving from Chi town to Spokane Houston. We will drive our car along with my new workplace will more a lot of our belongings. Both my companion and I are graduating from college in a few weeks. I am excited because I have never been beyond the midwest and we will be traveling through indian country from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. My boyfriend is native american and I am very proud with his native legacy of music and proud that i am with some sort of native man. I love it when he / she dresses indian style and dances throughout powwows! If I had put together it my way he would wear that clothing everyday! He looks great wearing summer american indian clothing of moccasins, war paint, headband with a feather, and breechcloth. (it makes him look INCREDIBLY indian! ) So what I want is for him to clothe themselves with his traditional summer indian clothing for the duration of our trip. To my thinking, we can eat outside all the time and the only time however ever need to go inside is on gas stops, bathroom breaks, and getting a hotel room every night; I see no reason he ought to wear more or need a shirt and this traditional clothing need to be very acceptable especially since we will be driving thru native american indian country. He is local american indian and is wearing his customary clothing, that would be so cool! My cousin might be telling me not to ask him to try and do it and that it is not acceptable for your man to be bare-chested everyday especially when buying gas or checking in at the motel. I don't experience a problem as he is choctaw indian and we will be driving via indian country. He wears the same clothing to classic indian activities. So i wanted to check with, wh antique motorcycle values antique motorcycle values en driving on the interstate, is it going often be a problem if he is wearing his traditional clothing with the trip? (When we get to Spokane, he may possibly start wearing common white people attire again) I wanted to find out here before I ask him? thanks.

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No, it didn't a person nut case you just paid more dollars for rent. No collapse, just a steady erosion. in truth, you likely didn't notice at all your contracts agreed dollars for buy, etc. It only declined against additional stores of benefits, but prices tend to be sticky... It likely just showed up as "inflation" on everything, especially foreign goods. Of program, US produced products looked cheaper to help you foreign buyers, and this might have resulted in growth for INDIVIDUALS domestic producers. It's a fairly complex system, with no purely "bad" or "good" success... similar to how you bend your knee to obtain your head beneath something, and then can stand back up. If you only look at the hip, things look "bad", but if you look at the system, there is more going on there... IMO, more than anyperson's can comprehend in total. The key would be to make it work for you by owning leveraged Real estate. Yeah I know, then you have to maintain some ancient house. It's not for every there is wisdom in having a physical aspect to wealth. No question. Myself, I would prefer arable land, or something with mineral rights (oil, water, natgas, copper, etc. ). but residential RE has historiy been a good idea over long enough periods of time. gold is a means of transaction (reprentative trade), not a value in by itself, other than to be able to transact... sure there are uses for it beyond currency, but it is not the base possessions that people are looking for.

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% price savings on pre-tax commuter distribute? What is the particular % savings when u purchase your commuter passes through handle a pre-tax structure? What taxes on earth do you save? Medicare? FICA? undertake the arithmetic TARD everyones commute situation is special Best markets just for Software Engineers? Are there right now any cities in the states that have favorable job markets designed for (non-Microsoft type) Program Engineers? Unix, Linux, FreeBSD. Where breath analyzer be moving to? Seattle is a fabulous waste land for defunct Gloomy, you arewhich is most unfavorable cookie decorating book cookie decorating book be thankful you now have a job, alot of folks are living under bridgesI'm pattern origami paper pattern origami paper currently in my van down through river! I look and feel a song heading on... and the software ain't the monkees... Superior Nite Guys Females It is: am here and making it very get up in hrs to shove your offspring out to school and start off to your hell hole regarding my job! Best wishes during the job endeavors coming from all. I will checj for again tomorrow nite.

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The Idio-Ironicy to a Bitcoin Tard "The strangest feature in the bitcoin saga is that who find themselves so suspicious in government and Middle Banks -- for example. the Bitcoin fanbois -- put their rely upon Satoshi Nakamoto, that creator of Bitcoin, who can be anyone, or anyones which includes: eccentric academic scientists, mischievous Fed economists, DARPA,. globalizers on black helicopters, an important criminal syndicate, an important bored -year-old Ukrainian guru. "If Nakamoto is often as amoral as he or she is ingenious, then he pocketed the first bitcoins and laughed himself towards the bank. AND NO I'M NOT Linked to a Bitcoin itc, I pulled which shit outta great ass, you Bitcoin tards will certainly believe ANYTHING lmfao. F rocks! And it's not going to BE OUTLAWED THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT! zynga is definitely a rockAynRand you may be no John Doerr JOHN DOERR "His success in business capital has garnered country's attention; he has been which is currently listed with Forbes magazine's outstanding "Midas List" and it's widely regarded among the top technology venture capitalists on the globe. "Forbes magazine bids his net worth to remain well over buck billion. " Johnny D's simply *not* able to waste time on the chicksh! t portfolio supplier he thinks is gonna even be a WRITEOFF. Ol' Kim D. obviously *sees* something with the Zynga opportunity.

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GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth during Awesome Depression Hoover: "prosperity is coming! " so he or she did nothing not to mention allowed the economic crisis to "self-correct": affordable Hoover: "prosperity is coming! " so he or she did nothing not to mention allowed the economic crisis to "self-correct": affordable Hoover: "prosperity is coming! " so he or she did nothing not to mention allowed the economic crisis to "self-correct": affordable FDR takes workplace early, initiates Brand new Deal: down: away: up: upThat's fine farang... *pats everyone on yer pointy head*uh, your charts take a look at but we had been heading into a second depression inyes, given that FDR finally succumbed to demands to make sure you cut spendingmaybe it had become but the fact remains he cut spending inthen it was eventually a fraud in addition to didn't save the particular economyin fact, it all did you just don't like the reality that govt spending influences GDP, that's allI believed WWII saved all the economy gosh there sure are numerous different views on American history with here. I focus on an industrialized modern society and someone thinks I'm referring to the s. you bet, ultimately WW preserved us but that doesn't circumvent the reality that govt spending brought about GDP growth to recuperate why think WW had an identical effect? You're perhaps forgetting that WW ended up being a little different than simple federal spending. Because that war ended around being on from the few remaining conventional powers, ready to establish and sell products to other world. sure, but which had been the outcome of WARactually no, it happened leading to a war started. IIRC US exports doubled in as a consequence of everyone gearing up for war also it wend up dramatiy just as before in. They had been basiy paying people to destroy any other's industrial total capacity. poster said "that world war ended... " that's what I taken care of immediately.

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Unbelievable--- US doesn't support Palastine I mean I understand everything that and I know people are just an apparition on the free country the third ten years' How do we as a free of charge country say we usually do not want a country to engage in an international organization. The racism from Israel and their own lobbyist have inflammed our democracy a great unrecognizable state You vote out politicians attributable to debt etc it doesn't matter Now we will need to support these racist scumbags towards obvious stupidity I might say this could be like having some sort of UN in together with having politicians wondering other countries to never recognize niggers because people. The last announcement was obviously bad because this whole thing is obviously offensive. What is next Israel creating a replica of Auschwitz as well as putting some palistinians inside? The Jews learned from the Germans mistakes and buy strait up extermination as opposed to camps... fucking assholes I hope they get nuked... toast. I'm not studying that post But, as an Us, I really don't offer a shit about Palestine (the appropriate spelling, you fucking moron). Or Israel. We've got each of our problems. Let those tards physique it out for themselves for a change. We're like the year old dad and mom who keep bailing their own year old outside of jail.

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MoFo Poll: ks How many folks here with ks are underwater on them in relation to actual tax sheltered beneficial properties. Anyone? I've been doing ks on / off since and Now i'm not down, whether or not they're off the peak. If you thing in taxes I'm never down but when you just talk about dollars contributed, We would guess I'm near break even after her death years. were you buying a match? Only at some places I think A totally free have been far better off just putting everthing in CDs. view it this way with cd's you won't get even the hope of excellent gains this means, even with the worst case circumstance, you aren't any worse off than once you had cd'sNo, I'm convinced I would convey more money by currently in CDs. Be the bottom line. And every dollar might count. At our last job I rolled my nited kingdom into Corporate Provides. At my next job I'm going to just go cash or CDs and do a similar. I am completed hope. Hope sucks. did you roll out in the aquarium design ideas aquarium design ideas bottom? that might reveal why your comes back are struggling? we would think over years of consistent contributions selecting setYou would think but no, yeah it was in the bottom, but that task only lasted 1 year. No, I'm not likely set. I have concerning $K in Ks along with IRAs and I need extra and I may not get any alot more. how long if you do not retire? a recovery/rally within a year time style could easily put us time for -k again that may put you okay *. = e, and i would certainly think that it becomes very hard to sort through that with Video games? not that i am just predicting it, im just saying but if your time frame will be wide enough, you dont ought to abandon all anticipation ye who enterUnknown I'd personally retire early My strategy is what I've got in ETFS/Mutual capital I keep, although I devote not any additional funds. I keep an extra % in stocks. Any new money goes toward bonds, CDs and additionally cash. No Mas. Could not risk any more.